Our pigs start off in a dense area of overgrown vegetation.  They get to run and play through paths they make in their “Safari” like environment. The pigs enjoy digging for grubs, bugs, and roots along with a feed that I grind and mix specifically for them at each stage of their life.

I enjoy spending “play time” with the pigs every day.  This is the best way to see how they are doing and it’s fun.   When they have gone through the vegetation in their area I open up a new paddock where I have planted clover and grasses for them to forage in.   By doing so, this allows them to eat what is best for them and not things that will give them an off or gamey taste.  They are also constantly given strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, apples and pitted peaches from the Westmorland Berry Farm
https://westmorelandberryfarm.com/ along with all the excess tomatoes and vegetables from our garden.

My constant goal is to produce the best tasting hogs while giving them the happiest life I can for livestock.  The meat we eat should be about:  The quality of meat, the taste, and the quality of life of the animals that are being raised.  All of our meat is processed USDA.  A lot of people find our approach to happy livestock Funny. We think any other way is Crazy!

We are proud to supply
Colonial Beach Plaza in Colonial Beach https://www.colonialbeachplaza.com/, and the Inn at Tabbs Creek in Matthews https://innattabbscreek.com/.

Thanks to all those who purchase our products and support this way of raising livestock.


The Funny Farm